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Muhammad Al-Kherkawi: Our region is going through a historical phase where it must play a role in managing its crises, resolving its differences and building bridges between its countries.


Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Kherkawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the Arab Strategic Forum, identified 3 changes that could shape the region and the world in the next phase.

In his inaugural speech at the Arab Strategic Forum, which began today in Dubai, he said the forum seeks to understand the economic and political situation in the Arab world with the aim of maximizing our capabilities to address challenges and advantages. From the benefit of the region, its prospects for stability and prosperity.

Core files

Al-Kherkawi pointed out that the forum will discuss important and hot issues in the Arab and international arena, sessions will address the political and economic situation of the Arab world, and answer the questions “what is the Arab world doing?” Do you want to be in the world?” and “What does the world want from the Arab world?” The reality of the region twenty years after the invasion of Iraq, the “cost of not achieving a peace statement” will also be reported collaboratively. Forum and Eurasia Group.

“Global political and economic trends and our position in them… position and role… what do we want from the world… what does the world want from us?”

He added: “As we meet today, many beliefs have changed, and questions have increased about the inability of the international system to manage crises… At the historical stage it confirms that our region has a role to play in managing its crises and resolving them. Its differences and to create a better future for its people. Building bridges between nations.”

He continued: “Twenty years ago, before this forum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum spoke about the need to find a just solution to the Palestinian issue on international legal grounds and … an urgent solution for Iraq. Within the framework that preserves its unity… even after 20 years… no.” Iraq is still suffering from the effects of the invasion. Even after His Highness' speech.. the Palestinian issue is still a hot issue in the region and the world. And its consequences for the Palestinian people and the region and the world are increasing.

Muhammad Al-Kherkawi added: “Also, after 20 years of the positive effects of globalization and the international system coming together on common cultural, moral and economic values, we have reached a stage like basic human values. Human safety, the safety and security of children and their right to live in safety are subject to disagreement, division and doubt. Humanism's values ​​apply to more people than others, and its standards apply only to people and international agendas.”

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New alliances

Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the Arab Strategic Forum, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Kherqawi, confirmed that the session comes more than two decades after the Arab Strategic Forum was launched in 2001, during which the international arena witnessed rapid geopolitical and economic change. Changes, the emergence of new alliances and increasing international polarization threaten the gains of “globalization” and its effects on the climate and our food and water security.

He added: “In a world experiencing a permanent revolution in technology, we meet today to monitor new trends and what the next decade has in store for us, which is subject to questions about its future risks. It is experiencing new economic alliances, endless trade conflicts and sometimes seemingly strange contradictions.”

He said: “Not all developments are negative, on the contrary, most of our global developments are positive, in terms of the economic value they create, countries that have advanced in development and lifted millions out of poverty, the effects of artificial intelligence in doubling productivity, medical advances and social, economic and political stability.” It exists in many countries around the world.”

He said: “We see more good than evil, peace is longer than war, hope is longer and more lasting than despair, but in this forum we ask questions, and the goal is a clear understanding of the course of events around us … to create a better world for ourselves and our future generations.” “

Developments in the Palestine Question

Regarding the three changes that could shape the face of the region and the world in the next phase, His Excellency Muhammad Al Gharqawi said that the first and most important change in our region is the Palestinian issue and the development of the war in Gaza. So far it has claimed more than 22 thousand lives and injured more than 57 thousand. 60% of Gaza's infrastructure has been destroyed and 90% of its population has been displaced.

“This is a human and humanitarian catastrophe unprecedented in decades, and despite the ugliness of this war and the absence of this war, despite the ugliness of this war, despite the efforts of most of the world to prevent it, this scene calls for a lot of thought,” he stressed. Just a war between the Palestinians and Israel, instead we saw a global diplomatic war, international polarization around the war, and a global media war on this issue, and who has the stronger story because the wars are not won on the field, rather their new field has become the media arena, between different generations on the same issue. We have seen polarization occur, and we have seen an intellectual struggle over humanitarian principles and double standards in their application.
His Excellency asked: “Would the Gaza war be the main trigger and catalyst for lasting peace in the region and the establishment of a Palestinian state or the beginning of an extended war on various new fronts in the region? The last war or the beginning of new wars?”

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An influence bay vessel

Muhammad Al-Kherkawi pointed out that the emergence of the Gulf countries as a major economic power and an influential partner in global issues is due to its role in mediating solutions to political, economic, climate and humanitarian issues. The important role of the Gulf countries was confirmed in the recent successful “COP 28” conference of the United Arab Emirates. In shaping the world's environmental agenda, Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup and Saudi Arabia's 2034 World Cup emphasized their contribution. The role of the Gulf countries in shaping the world sports agenda and its cultural agenda by hosting Expo 2020 Dubai and Expo Riyadh 2030.

He added: “Gulf countries have begun to contribute to shaping the political and economic map and creating balance by joining major economic groups, and using the new policy in international relations of openness to all, expanding the circle of investment relations and successfully building partnerships based on the benefit of all its parties.”

He continued: “Today, the Gulf countries are a major investment force in the world, as the total volume of Gulf sovereign funds has reached $3.8 trillion…the largest in the world, accounting for 34% of global funds. By 2023, we will see the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia join the group. .” BRICS, along with Egypt, Ethiopia and Iran, with the addition of these countries, the size of the BRICS economies will reach about $28 trillion. “

He pointed out that the Gulf countries have become a center of population, investment and economic attraction and a compass for minds and talents, thanks to development perspectives that have given first priority to achieving economic stability and the well-being of their citizens. At the top of their agendas and action plans.

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Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gharqawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the Arab Strategic Forum, quoted Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as saying: “If the carriage is politics and the horse is economics, then the horse is necessary. This is precisely what countries are doing, the Gulf, whose main national priorities have created economic priorities, which is reflected in its international weight, its political effectiveness and its role in creating new global balances.

He questioned how the international role played by the Gulf countries would evolve in the future. What are the opportunities and challenges you face in this role? How can the global economic and political weight of the Gulf countries be strengthened without paying too high a price or entering into conflicts and polarization with any other international organization? A way to guarantee a sustainable future for the region as a whole?

Increase in polarity

Muhammad al-Gherqawi asserted that “the third change is the increasing speed of polarization of intellectual, religious, political and social polarization, not only internationally, but also within societies”.

He said: “We are witnessing a split between East and West…a split in political values ​​and orientations…a split on international issues, and a decline in economic globalization in favor of populism and protectionism. An information explosion and media chaos, especially in the media, is fueling these divisions. rooted, and we've seen how the far right is coming to power in countries like Argentina and Poland, and we know that this year more than 4 billion people will go to parliamentary and presidential elections in more than 75 countries around the world.

His Excellency wondered: Will 2024 be a year in which the divisions of society widen and nations and cultures drift apart… or will distances be bridged and new bridges of relationships built?

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