March 29, 2023

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Muhammad Henry advises you: No one should degrade you as a measure of success in your life News

Artist Mohamed Henidi advised his disciples on the meaning of success.

Hennessy spoke actively with followers to express his views on the concepts and criteria of success.

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Mohamed Henidi wrote on his Facebook page: “We speak seriously..don’t let anyone set you up as a measure of success in your life..success in a big team in college can be done without you this whole.”

He added: Success is not about money or Instagram photos, in which you will be happy and summery every week, or if you do not have a complete or great YouTube channel.

Muhammad Henry continued: “Success is not a measure for all people, you can have a simple job, but in it you can be happy, satisfied and successful. People have limited success to certain forms, which you firmly believe is success.

Hennessy stressed: “Success is about achieving what you want according to your abilities, mind and brain … You do not see success achieving what people want, success is someone who comes in the way whether you are a millionaire or happy.”

Mohamed Henidi stressed: “The idea of ​​success and happiness is like money or fame, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube views because you will never be happy in your life.”

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