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Muhammad performs Ramadan for the first time in Iraq .. Honey Sehgar participates in the Babylon Festival


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October 02 2021 2:41 GMT

Update Date: Oct 02 2021 3:55 GMT

The Egyptian artist, Mohammed Ramadan, announced his contract to hold a concert in the Iraqi city of Basra, in line with the announcement of his comrade Honey Sehgar to attend the Babel International Festival.

Also Mohammed Ramadan posted his picture through his various accounts on social media yesterday, Friday, when he signed the contract for the concert.

At the time of the release, Muhammad did not release the exact date of the Ramadan festival, only announcing that it would happen soon.

He released and wrote about the film that signed the Ramadan agreement: “Praise be to God, my first public concert at the Basra International Stadium with the beloved Iraqi public was soon acknowledged.”

He added, “Are you ready for the biggest party at the Basra International Stadium in Iraq? .. God bless you.”

This is the first time that Mohammed Ramadan has performed in Iraq, having performed in a number of Arab countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The announcement of Ramadan was made by Honey Sehgar, through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, by attending the Babel International Festival on Friday evening, October 28th.

Honey Sehgar, in a video she posted on Instagram, sent a message to the Iraqi audience, in which she said, “Dear Iraqi visitors .. Wait for me at the Babylon Festival in October .. I miss you so much .. Well see you.”


Mohammed Ramadan sparked controversy in Iraq last year and angered Kuwaiti activists who appeared in a video clip praising the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

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In that video, Ramadan at the time said, “Greetings to the dear Iraqi people, men … my loved ones and my people … the land of myths, Saddam’s beloved country.”

Last July, the granddaughter of former Iraqi President Harir Hussein Kamal posted a picture of herself with Ramadan on her Instagram page.

Saddam Hussein’s granddaughter commented at the time, “Norde, Hero, and sustain yourself” and thus reshared through his account before deleting the Ramadan photo due to the attack on the Kuwaiti public.

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