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“Mustard City” completes the first “zero energy” office building in the region


Master City, a leading sustainable urban community, has announced the completion of the region’s first zero-energy office building, named NZ1.

He added in a statement that the building’s simple design proves that any developer can achieve climate neutrality, setting a new standard for architects and city planners around the world.

Masdar City CEO, Ahmed Baqhoum said: “The completion of NZ1 is a real achievement for Masdar City, especially ahead of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP28). Our vision has always been to accelerate the UAE’s ambitious efforts to achieve climate neutrality, which we are very close to achieving.

He added: “NZ1 is just the beginning, and with our unique approach to achieving sustainability that focuses on social needs and financial sustainability, we are proving that sustainability is not a luxury for the elite of society, while protecting the environment. , but rather a possible option for all.”

For his part, Masdar City’s Head of Design, Lutz Felgen, said: “For over 15 years Masdar City has been keen to push the known limits of sustainable development, and NZ1 is considered the most efficient building in Masdar’s history. Energy consumption, and reflects its best practices.” Purchased so far. Its design is one of the simplest in the city, which ensures the ability of all developers to create an eco-friendly building once they have the right tools and expertise. NZ1 is designed to use 53% less energy than a similar conventional building. Photovoltaic panels on site will generate 101% of the building’s annual energy needs, making it a “zero energy building”. The excess energy produced will be sent to the Abu Dhabi power grid.

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Masdar City designed NZ1 with a strong focus on “passive design,” an architectural technique that integrates with the local environment and physical elements of the building to reduce the need for electric heating or cooling technologies.

For example, NZ1 has a low window-to-façade ratio and uses window angle and shading to minimize direct sunlight while maximizing natural light. The building has airtight envelopes and first-class insulation to retain heat and cold air.

The building was constructed using sustainable and local raw materials wherever possible, and approximately 90% of construction waste was recycled and reused. The building uses low-flow water fixtures and fittings, and the gardens and landscaping are designed to use minimal water. Total carbon offsets are estimated at about 550 kilograms of carbon dioxide per square meter.

NZ1 is the first of many zero-energy projects being implemented in Masdar City and is expected to soon receive LEED Platinum and LEED Zero-Energy ratings, two international green building ratings awarded by the US Green Building Council.

Two zero energy projects

Two other zero-energy projects are under construction in Masdar City: the headquarters of the Masdar City Complex project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2024, and a working and living space with CO-LAB located in “The Link” project. , which is scheduled for completion. In 2025.

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