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My friend is suffering from psychological stress, how can I support him? A psychological counselor places a prescription


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Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 06:00 AM

We all go through phases Psychological stress Difficult, it is one of the conditions where a person needs support and help from those close to him, and he must be handled with caution and sensitivity, and we will determine what to do psychologically with the following tips. As consultant behavioral psychologist Dr. Abdel Aziz Adam points out, dealing effectively with people experiencing psychological stressors and frustrations.

Dealing with someone suffering from psychological stress

Leave him room for peace of mind

Some people need peace of mind Psychological peace Away from the bustle and conversation and interaction with others, it is not considered introspection, but rather a fight to return to oneself and replenish psychological energy, and then one should not disturb one’s peace in this matter and allow it to do so. Peace and quiet agreement

Listen carefully to what he has to say

When a psychologically stressed person decides to talk and interact with those close to him, it is necessary to listen to him to empty the negative energy inside him. When he talks about the problems he faces and the things that occupy him, this is the beginning of therapy and his way out of that psychological crisis.

Blame him

Blaming people in psychological despair does not work, it increases their suffering, and here the matter is taken as one of forms of happiness and healing, but not support, so blame should be avoided altogether in this matter. But it helps him achieve the lessons learned from those trials he goes through

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Advise him carefully

As I have mentioned, it is important to avoid blame and use moderate advice without exaggeration. This will have a good effect on the psychological state of the frustrated and it will enlighten them and help them discover unknown aspects that will help them to solve it quickly. .

Remind him of his strength

A person experiencing psychological despair should remember his strengths and difficult situations and overcome them smoothly, then he will feel the strength and ability to overcome the temptation and avoid it from happening. As future as possible.

Help him seek psychotherapy if necessary

If a person under psychological stress isolates himself from society for more than three weeks due to his inability to communicate and interact with people around him, this indicates the presence of a mental illness, and these are the symptoms. In this case, psychotherapy should be sought as soon as possible, this will be the solution, the most important tasks and duties of those around him are to take him to a psychiatrist for help and treatment.

Help strengthen his faith

One of the most important aspects that help us deal with the problems and disappointments we face with contentment and peace of mind is our faith side. Therefore, the basic duty of those around a psychologically stressed person is to help him build up his faith. and the spiritual side so that he can establish himself, calm down, accept reality with peace and contentment, and then he will overcome all his disappointments.

Ways to deal with a friend suffering from psychological stress

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