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Myths of celebrities


Strange and old myths about magic and luck believed by many celebrities, they believe that some things bring them luck, this is what we are reviewing in the report, which refers to some strange myths that some Hollywood stars believe. , According to the website. Brightness“.

Cameron Diaz:

Actress Cameron Diaz wears pony shoes ‘lucky necklace’, which she believes has anti-aging magic to help her stay young, yet insists the actress is not superstitious and is against this kind of belief.

Heidi Klum:

The German model believes in a strange superstition, she reveals it, and she always carries a bag of her milk teeth with her, claiming that she got her luck and this belief from her mother, because Heidi has all her teeth. She has been lost since childhood and will carry it with her in a bag wherever she goes.

Jennifer Aniston:

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston said in a press conference that while flying, she first enters the gate with her right foot and clicks on the outside of the plane, believing that she is performing the ritual. Always gives her good luck.

Paris Hilton:

The actress believes Paris Hilton The number “11:11” gives her luck, she chose to get married on November 11, Paris explained that “11:11” was always her favorite time.

Kid Harrington:

Kid Harrington once revealed that he was born with the good fortune of opening all closed doors, “I’m had that luck since I was a kid, and I carry it everywhere. I have not lost it yet.”

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Paris Hilton

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Kid Harrington

Kid Harrington

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

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