May 28, 2023

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Najwa Karam released the sixth song from the album “Karisma”.

The Lebanese singer poses Najwa Karam The sixth single from her new album “Charisma” is titled “I Love You Love”.

Najwa Karam sang “I Love You Love” with poet and composer Ivan Nasu, and the song was arranged by Fadi Jiji.

A few days ago, the Lebanese singer Najwa Karam posted a group of photos from the video clip of the song “Charisma” through her account “Instagram” and commented on it: “Everyone has a charismatic Heidi, rich Elo, strong charm. Honor and royal appearance.

The video clip for the song “Karisma” was released on YouTube the same day, and the song is from the words of Alexey Constantine, composed by Seb Samar and arranged by Fadi Jiji.

The second track from his new album was released last week, the song “10 Duckieg” was released on YouTube. The song was written and composed by Wissam Al-Amir and arranged by Fadi Jiji.

With more than 11,000 tweets, the audience connected with the song immensely as the hashtag topped the list of most discussed topics on Twitter named “Najwa Karam..10 minutes”.

The lyrics of the song are as follows: “Not seen for ten minutes, told two loves.. They hung.. Loved many more.. How delicious and not cool. Wait ten minutes.”

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