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Namibia Expo 2020 officially opens its pavilion in Dubai


The Republic of Namibia is officially located in the Dubai Expo 2020 Dubai Opportunity Zone, which focuses on six main objectives: tourism, energy, manufacturing, mining, education and renewable energy.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by a delegation of officials from the Republic of Namibia, Lucia Ibombo, Minister of Production and Trade, Tom Elvindo, Minister of Energy and Mining, Wade Hankert, Commissioner of Namibian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates and Nangola Owanga Expo 2020 Dubai Namibian Pavilion Commissioner

Speaking at the opening of the pavilion, he stressed that the presence of Namibia in Dubai at Expo 2020 will open up opportunities for investment cooperation with other countries and allow the creation of jobs for the citizens of this African country.

Lucia Ibombo is participating in the Namibia Expo 2020 in Dubai under the slogan “Preserve Our Natural Treasures and Use them for Future Generations. Therefore, the Pavilion is a way to highlight the country’s precious natural resources … and ensure the preservation of the environment.”

He added, “The Republic of Namibia has taken a ministerial decision with the participation of our country in Expo 2020 Dubai, a decision that will provide lucrative investment opportunities for mutual benefit. This will lead to an increase in attracting more tourists and investors to Namibia.

Commissioner-General Nangula Avanga expressed her happiness with the arrival of Namibia in Expo 2020 Dubai. He said: “We are very happy to be participating in more than 190 countries. I think we can contribute something. We will learn a lot. Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity.” To connect with the world in one place.

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He stressed that his country is one of the top ten diamond producers in the world and focuses on the environmental protection of the diamond mining process.

In turn, Tom Elvindo explained that a study had been conducted on the environmental impact of extracting diamonds from the ocean floor. Namibia also evaluates the demands of international investors after the green hydrogen project is awarded, noting that the winners will be announced. 26th United Nations Conference.


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