June 7, 2023

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NASA has announced the number of planets discovered outside the Solar System

NASA has announced the number of planets discovered outside the Solar System

And she saidNASAIt added 65 extraterrestrial planets Sun Group Bringing the total number of confirmed planets discovered in the universe to 5005.

“Confirmed planets are only a small fraction of the billions of planets … Milky WayThis number increases when talking about other galaxies.

The nature of these planets varies between Earth-like rocks and a gas giant many times larger than Earth. BuyerAnd planets orbiting two stars simultaneously and orbiting the remnants Stars Dead

Commenting on the scientific discovery, Jesse Christiansson, chief scientist at NASA’s Exoplanet Science Institute at Caltech, said: “It’s not just numbers. Each of these planets represents a new world, a new planet. I’m excited about each of them because we know nothing about it.”

Alexander Valson, a professor of planetary science at the University of Pennsylvania and a participant in the NASA program, said: “We are beginning an era of discovery that goes beyond just adding new planets to the list.” TESS), launched in 2018, and continues to discover new exoplanets.

Walchzan added: “It is expected to be taken Telescopes Powerful next-generation instruments and their highly sensitive instruments, the recently launched James Web Space Telescope, reads their gases to detect light from the atmosphere of exoplanets, and conditions conducive to life formation. “

He explained: “It is possible that we may have found some kind of organism somewhere. It is probably an ancient species.

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