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NASA has found possible signs of life on a planet



NASA has found possible signs of life on a planet

“Murex d’Or” shines in its 23rd edition, including surprises and harmonies

Under the theme “Survival”, stars from Lebanon and the Arab world gathered to celebrate their achievements and the successes of their colleagues. The general scene of the festival was colorful with the joy of meeting again under the sky of Lebanon, culture and art. As usual, with elegance, fashion and the names of Lebanese designers occupy a large space this evening. The fashion designer’s reference to each male and female artist’s clothing is based on promoting and highlighting Lebanese talent.

On the LBCI screen, after 14 years, the ceremony was broadcast live, starting at 8:30 pm from the Hall of Ambassadors in the Casino du Liban. Hilda Khalif, who took social media by storm with her career and elegance signed by Lebanese designer Nicolas Gibran, opened its proceedings with the Bee Keys’ “Staying Alive” by host Hilda Khalif. She is a charming and talented presence.

The first honors were crowned with Al-Rahbna perfume by artist Hoda Hadad. She received the award for her artistic career as a singer from the era of authenticity. The award is dedicated to Assi and Mansoor Rahbani School. He then sang one of his well-known songs, “Day by Day”.

Hala Sedki (Mureux d’Or) with Bossy Chalabi

After a similar honor received by veteran actor Jihad Al-Atrash for her artistic career, Egyptian actress Hala Sedgi took the stage and won the “Murex d’Or” for Best Actress in the Egyptian Drama category. This is for the role of “Safzaf” in the series “Jabar Al-Omta” last Ramadan.

Qais Sheikh Najib (Murex Door)

Meanwhile, Syrian actor Qais Sheikh Najeeb won the award for Best Arab Actor in a Collective Drama for his performance in “Stellito”. Actor Rifaat Tarabhai has had his share of honors for his fiftieth theatrical career, and he led the way in 2022 to pay tribute to late artists. Through a large screen in the middle of the stage, he remembered some of them, from Marwan Najjar, Sami Ghayat, Abdullah Al-Homsi, Gerard Avedisian, Hassan Stephan, Chef Ramsey Souiri and the late Romeo Lahoud. His daughter-in-law Nahi Aline LaHout took the stage, who penned a duet with actor Tony Issa, and sang with him songs etched in his memory by Ramio LaHout, including “Take Me With You,” “Dougie, Ya Rababa,” and “The Night Is Long.”

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In the second part of the ceremony, other artists who passed away this year, Elie Souiri and Mohammad Kamal, were honoured.

Throughout the festival, it was notable that many of the stars of the arts remained, even after they were felicitated and received awards. They include Hoda Haddad, Nassif Zaitoun, Mohammed Ramadan and Nawal Al Choqbi. The party continued till midnight. Ziad Borji, the artist who won the “Lebanese Singing Star” award, was chosen as the closing ceremony, so he received his award last, and the ceremony ended with the song “Wadayer”.

Nawal Al Choqbi (Murex Door VX Account)

Artistic harmonies prevailed in “Murex”.

During the ceremony, a video was shown of the reconciliation between Ziad Borji and the “Murex d’Or”. Journalist Jamal Fayyad, a member of the awards committee, photographed Porji when he visited him at his home. Along with his colleagues in the committee, after a misunderstanding, they wanted Borghi to participate in the ceremony. Between him and the awardees. Burjee reportedly refused to accept the award after Wale Gfori turned it down and transferred it to him.

Muhammed Ramadan (Murex Door)

As for the second reconciliation seen live on the festival stage, it was between Mohammed Ramadan and Nawal Al Choqbi. Before presenting the honorary award to Marwan Khouri, Kamal asked Fayyad to come on stage to break the ice between Al-Zoghbi and Ramadan. The reason is that Ramadas said that the Lebanese artist he hoped to duet with him was not yet born, prompting al-Soghbi. She provoked him in an interview in Egypt when she told him she didn’t know Ramadan.

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Surprises color the party

“Murex D’or” brought many surprises in its 23rd edition, in which the president of the Syndicate of Music Professionals, Farid Bou Said, conferred honorary membership on the organizers of the concert, brothers Zahi and Fadi Al-Helo. Syndicate.

The second surprise is the appearance of the Turkish actress Sheval Sam, the owner of the character “Ender” in the series “Forbidden Apples”. She won the best award for a Turkish actress, and the audience connected with her after she sang “O Moon.” , I am with you” by Fairuz.

Miriam Fares (Murex d’Or)

The introduction of new award categories in the 2023 edition of “Murex” offered surprises, including the Art Excellence Award for Abeer Nehme and the Award for Lebanese Artist of International Reach, won by Miriam Fares.

Nicolas Mouwat with design signed by Georges Hobeka (Murex d’Or).

A similar award also went to Nicolas Mowat, a Lebanese actor who has reached an international level. He acted in a foreign film titled “His Only Son” in which he portrayed the role of Prophet Abraham. People from outside the art world, such as Iraqi businessman Kawa Junaid, were also honored.

“For Death 3” and “Fire with Fire” won awards

The role of two drama series “For Death 3” and “Fire with Fire” is very important because they won the most number of awards.

Best Lebanese Actor George Gabas (Murex d’Or)

“Fire with Fire” won the award for Best Arab Actress in a Drama, which went to Karis Bashar. Best Lebanese Actor in the same category for George Gabas, and Best Lebanese Series in a Co-Drama, which went to Sadiq Al-Sabah, the producer of the work. And so it happened

Sasha Dahdouh and Tariq Tamim won two awards for best actor and actress in a supporting role in the same work.

Sasha Tahdu Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Murex D’or)

As for “For Death 3”, it won the “Murex d’Or” award for the best Lebanese drama director, and it went to Philippe Azmar. Likewise, for the series, writer Nadine Zafar won the award for Best Screenplay. Ward al-Kal won the Best Lebanese Actress Award for her role in (Karma).

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Ward Al Call (Murex d’Or)

Producer Jamal Sinan won the Murex Award for Best Lebanese Popular Series “For Death 3”.

As for the Best Series badge, it was won by singer Nader Al-Adat’s “Finally” series for “The Heart Was Lost,” which he performed immediately after receiving the award on stage.

Song Awards for Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians and Egyptians

The “Murex d’Or” singing awards varied, with a group of artists from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

Nassif Zaytoun (Murex d’Or)

Nawal Al Choqbi won the Lebanese Singing Star Award for his work “Haffa”. Meanwhile Nasif Zaitoun from Syria won the Arabic Singing Star Award. Iraqi Rahma Riad won the Arab Singing Star Award and sang “Hello Hal Al-Shar”. As for artist Marwan Ghauri, he received an honorary award for his artistic career, spanning more than 20 years of success and continuity.

Ahmed Saad (Murex Door)

As for Egyptians Ahmed Saad and Mohammed Ramadan, they each won the Murex Award. In the first Best Arabic Song segment (Sayreena Ya Dunya) she sang it on stage and the audience interacted with her, igniting the atmosphere with enthusiasm. Ramadan won the Best Arab Actor Award for “Jafar Al-Omta”. On stage, he performed a medley of his well-known songs and the audience cheered and filled him with excitement.

The award for Best Emerging Arab Singer went to Issam Al-Najjar from Jordan. Mohammed Ramadan participated in the duet “TMO” singing on stage.

The song clip “Ala Shanak” sung by Nancy Ajram, signed by director Laila Khanan, won the Best Video Clip award.

Dancer’s colorful lyrics add to the ceremony, concert director Tony Kahwaji’s camera sparkle. He returned after “LBCI” was off screen.

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Why not keep your toothbrush in the bathroom?



Why not keep your toothbrush in the bathroom?


We all know that maintaining oral hygiene is very important and the most important step to do this is to brush your teeth twice a day with mouthwash and floss.

But according to experts, you could be putting your oral hygiene at risk by storing your toothbrush in the bathroom.

“Storing your toothbrush in the bathroom can expose you to a variety of health problems, but the level of risk varies depending on the bathroom environment and your specific habits,” explains Dr. Payal Bhalla, principal dentist and medical director of Quest Dental.

Dr. Balla says that aerosolized bacteria can pose a problem because “when you flush the toilet, especially when the lid is open, small droplets containing bacteria and other microorganisms can splash out and settle on nearby surfaces, including your toothbrush.”

When your toothbrush is near the toilet, it’s “more likely to come into contact with airborne particles and water splashes” that “lead to contamination.”

Bathrooms can also be a humid environment, which can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold on your toothbrush.

In shared bathrooms, “there is a greater potential for cross-contamination as multiple people use the space and touch different surfaces.”

As for faecal particles, which can be on your toothbrush, Dr. Bhalla explains: “It’s possible to have faecal particles in the bathroom environment, including surfaces like your toothbrush. This can happen when toilets are cleaned. Not closing the lid, and brushing can release small droplets of faecal bacteria and other microbes into the air. .To reduce the risk of faecal particles coming into contact with your toothbrush, you can follow hygiene tips such as rinsing your toothbrush before using it, storing it upright, covering it with the toothbrush, and closing the toilet lid when washing.

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She also recommends “rinsing your toothbrush thoroughly under tap water before using it” because it “will help remove any potential contaminants. Also place your toothbrush upright in a toothbrush cup and allow it to air dry. Make sure it doesn’t touch other toothbrushes. ” To prevent cross contamination.

Dr. Bhalla emphasized the importance of changing toothbrushes “every three to four months or so” to keep them healthy and effective.

He added: “To reduce the spread of airborne particles, close the toilet lid before cleaning, use a breathable toothbrush cover to protect your toothbrush from bathroom contaminants, and regularly clean the toothbrush holder or cup to prevent bacteria and mold build-up. “

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The Day of the Big Clash… NASA on Historic Mission to Save Earth (Photos)



The Day of the Big Clash… NASA on Historic Mission to Save Earth (Photos)

02:35 PM

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Scientists believe that September 24, 2182 marks the date that the asteroid “Bennu” will hit the Earth, so the American space agency NASA is preparing to undertake a dangerous mission to prevent a collision and save our planet from destruction.

According to NASA, this space rock passes close to our planet every 6 years, but it will have a very close encounter with Earth after another 159 years, and if it collides with us, its force will be equal to 22 nuclear bombs.

Although the odds of a cataclysmic impact are estimated at 1 in 2,700, NASA sent a spacecraft to Bennu 7 years ago to collect samples from it. They hope the data will help them prepare for an asteroid deflection mission similar to NASA’s DART mission, which successfully changed the orbit of the small asteroid moon Temorphos last year.

The asteroid samples will reach Earth this week, landing in the Utah desert on September 24.

“We’re now in the final stages of this seven-year mission,” Rich Burns, OSIRIS-REx program manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, told the Sunday Telegraph.

Bennu is about 492 meters wide (about half the size of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs), so it wasn’t big enough to cause global extinction.

NASA estimated that it could have an impact 9 kilometers wide and cause devastation in a radius of about 1,000 kilometers from the crash site.

Between now and 2300 the chance of Bennu colliding with Earth is 1750.

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“The raw materials from asteroid Bennu will help shed light on how our solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago and how life began on Earth,” said Nicola Fox, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Operations Directorate in Washington.

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Hurricane Daniel: No Evidence of Epidemic Spread in Terna by Accumulated Bodies – World Health



Hurricane Daniel: No Evidence of Epidemic Spread in Terna by Accumulated Bodies – World Health

image source, Emergency Medicine and Support Center

Comment on photo,

Rescue teams face obstacles due to the rugged topography of mountains and valleys in Terna city.

  • author, Zainab is a hyena
  • stock, BBC News

Although the bodies of those killed by Hurricane Daniel were decomposing, the organization had no evidence that they had serious infectious diseases, said Dr. Ahmed Suidan, the World Health Organization’s representative in Libya.

“This could happen if the death is associated with an infectious disease like cholera or Ebola,” Zoiden added in an interview with the BBC.

The reports came as fears began to loom on the horizon that the piles of bodies could fuel the spread of disease in Derna, one of the Libyan cities worst hit by the cyclone.

In this regard, he said that any diseases or epidemics are spread only through contaminated water, adding that “there is an urgent need to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to people to avoid spreading any diseases through water or food.”

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