February 7, 2023

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"NASA" refers to "suspicious data" captured by the Hubble telescope that scientists cannot explain.

“NASA” refers to “suspicious data” captured by the Hubble telescope that scientists cannot explain.


After analyzing the data of the Hubble Space Telescope, which showed a significant difference in the current rate of expansion of the universe, the US space agency NASA revealed how our universe is expanding and something “strange” is happening that cannot be explained by current physics. Compared to the rate immediately after the Big Bank.

Over the past 30 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has helped measure the rate of expansion of the universe and has been able to identify more than 40 “signs” of space and time to help scientists more accurately measure the rate of expansion of the universe.

But the US company pointed out that the more accurate these measurements are, the more “something strange” happens. “This discovery supports the notion that something strange is happening, and may involve a whole new branch of physics,” the NASA report added.

This strange galaxy comes in the wake of recent discoveries regarding a mysterious driving force, the “dark energy,” that has accelerated the expansion of the universe. With the help of the Hubble Telescope and other sophisticated instruments, astronomers were able to gather more accurate data on the level of interconnect augmentation.

But as the measurements became more accurate, they paradoxically increased the ambiguity: “Scientists have discovered the difference between the current rate of expansion and the calculations that predict different rates of expansion.”

Therefore, scientists are unable to explain these differences. However, the paradox is that there is something fishing going on in the universe and that there may be a new branch of cosmology in return.

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