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بالبلدي: ناسا تكشف السبب وراء فشل مستكشفها فى جمع أولى عينات تربة المريخ

NASA reveals reason for failure to collect first samples of Martian soil

belbalady.net NASA has revealed the reason why its researcher failed to get its first samples, citing unusually soft rocks on the surface of Mars. The first sample soil

According to the British newspaper, the “Daily Mail”, NASA found that it had drilled to a depth of about three inches, and the well was fine, but something went wrong in the assembly.

The engineers determined that the sampled rocks were not strong enough to form a sample and that small, crushed pieces were in the hole.

The rover has now attached several instruments to NASA’s mission to explore rocks and sand dunes in an effort to travel to its next 0.01-mile journey to the next model site and detect signs of ancient Martian life.

The craft contains 43 models of titanium tubes, and NASA hopes to collect at least 32 samples of its time on the red planet.

Also, thanks to images taken by the brilliant helicopter and rover, NASA has sedimentary rocks on the next sample site, which it hopes will be the best for the collection.

Louis Cantora, chief engineer of the diligent model campaign, said the equipment for the failed mission was in good condition, but the rock was not easy to assemble due to its own nature.

Engineer Kandora added that this is not the first time the planet has faced opposition when it seeks to dig into Mars soil to learn more about the planet.

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