March 28, 2023

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Nasser al-Attiyah is near the headline of the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally

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Qatar’s Nasser al-Attiyah has set a fast time for the fourth phase of the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally, which is being held under the auspices of Sheikh Hamdan bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi’s ruler’s representative in the Al Dafra region.

For the fourth day in a row, al-Attiyah, along with his navigator Matteo Pamel, set a speed limit of 251 km in a Toyota Hilux car at the end of the fourth phase of “Abu Dhabi Aviation”. The total time difference between him and Argentine driver Lucio Alvarez and his Spanish navigator Armand Monlion was 23 minutes 48 seconds on the Toyota Hilux and was close to winning the title.

Before being promoted to next year’s World Rally Red Championship, a win in the final will be enough to give Al Atiyah the final driving title at the World Cup Cross Country Rally Championship.

But al-Adiyah should avoid exiting on the last day of 2017 or leave the door open for headline challenges like Alvarez and Saudi Arabia’s Yasid al-Raji, who are an hour and 17 minutes behind Qatar.

After making great strides on the catastrophic day for Argentine rider Manuel Andouzer in the quad bike category, aspirations to win the title of Emirati Abdul Aziz al-Ahly increased, while another Emirati rider, Sultan Al Balushi, climbed to seventh place in the RolGB bike category.

Mohammed bin Suleiman, President and Vice President of the Emirates Motorsports and Motorcycle Federation, said:

When Poland’s Zakub Prazikonsky wrestled to the end after a huge loss of time, Al-Atiya finished the podium by saying, “We are very happy at the front. If we can win at the last stage, it will be good to get it. , Which is good for me, Matthew and the future.

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