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Netflix sues unauthorized songwriters 'Bridgerton' for infringement

Netflix sues unauthorized songwriters ‘Bridgerton’ for infringement

Netflix Sues Authors of Unauthorized Music “Bridgerton” for Infringement

Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Netflix He later sued the songwriting team Unofficial Bridgerton MusicBased on the broadcast series BridgetonFor violation

Last date reports The streaming company sued Abigail Barlow and Emily Barr in federal court in Washington, D.C., days after the two sold out the Kennedy Center to see them. Bridgetton’s unofficial live music album.

“Defendants Abigail Barlow and Emily Beer and their companies (Barlow & Beer) purchased valuable intellectual property from the Netflix original series Bridgerton in order to create an international brand for themselves,” the lawsuit states. “Bridgeton Reflect on the creative work and hard-earned success of hundreds of artists and Netflix employees. Netflix has exclusive rights to create Bridgerton songs, musicals, or other derivative works based on Bridgerton. Barlow & Barr cannot take this right earned by the hard work of others for themselves, without permission. But that’s what they did.

When Netflix initially debuted the musical for free online, before taking legal action against Barlow and Dove, Netflix made what Netflix described as a “for-profit” show. Bridgetton’s unofficial live music albumTickets are selling for $149 each.

“Netflix supports fan-generated content, but Barlow & Bear seeks to create multiple revenue streams for themselves without official permission to use Bridgerton’s IP address. We tried hard to work with Barlow & Bear, and they refused to cooperate. The creators, cast, writers and crew put their hearts and souls into Bridgerton.” , and we are taking steps to protect their rights,” a Netflix spokesperson said in an official statement.

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