May 31, 2023

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New case for iPhone and AirPod

New case for iPhone and AirPod

Power1 has introduced a new iPhone case that allows you to carry and charge your AirPods wireless headphones.

The new case also extends the life of the iPhone battery.

The US company explained that the new iPhone box has two parts: a silicone case that is permanently attached to the smartphone and a magnetically attached battery to the iPhone, so it can be removed at any time to keep the smartphone thin. .

The battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh, which can be used to extend the life of the smartphone or to fully charge the battery of AirPods wireless headphones up to 25 times, meaning that the wireless headset can be used to make 90 phone calls. Just a few hours before the battery is needed to recharge.

A key feature of the new iPhone case is the AirPorts wireless headphone pocket, which allows the wireless headset to be carried with the camera unit so that the user does not have to pick up the wireless headset separately from the smartphone.

However, this case is not compatible with the Airboats Pro wireless headset, and there are various models that are compatible with the iPhone XR version and the iPhone 13 Pro Max model, and this case is a USB-C port, so users can use the iPhone without the need for a lightning cable or slow wireless charging iPhone Can be charged with a single USB-C cable.

The new iPhone case from Power1 is available for $ 119.