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New Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks and what to expect in GTA 6


New Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks launched by those who are interested in the improvements and technologies developed in the game in the detailed content of the Grand Theft Auto 6 game. Leaks have also surfaced about downloading Grand Theft Auto 6 on the game’s scale. , how much it will be on smart phones, computers and other devices. In the next lines of the article we will provide the leaked information which contains many information related to the internal content of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks are related to patents owned by the production company. It has been hinted that it will be high-end technology in graphics resolution for heroes, adventures, vehicles and other upcoming content. GTA 6 Game. Also, the leaked information about the Grand Theft Auto 6 game for Android reveals that the game will be presented with a very realistic weather that will make the players enjoy surfing the waves in the game, and the animation techniques added to the game will make the game look like you are in a very realistic world.

Here are the most important things from the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak

  • Unique graphics system with Take Two technology.
  • The technology of small building blocks was added to the game GTA 6, which helps you in many things.
  • The new Grand Theft Auto 6 addition has several menus that help you create various animated icons.
  • Added technology with animation feature makes in-game animations more alive.
  • Also, thanks to animation technology, you will control running and walking in any weather.
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Grand Theft Auto 6 Game for Android

What are Grand Theft Auto 6 Add-ons?

Among the leaks from Grand Theft Auto 6, the additions to the game include:-

  1. Some of the missions in GTA 6 have many players who can go on adventures.
  2. Artificial intelligence technology will also be developed to improve the performance of non-playable NPC players so that gameplay has real interaction in a realistic manner.
  3. According to the leaks, Grand Theft Auto 6 for Android will have intelligence technology for police officers so that they will be more intelligent about the chases in GTA 6.
  4. In addition to placing the Vice City Metro train in Grand Theft Auto 6, information has also been leaked about the return of the Malepo Club and the addition of a new area of ​​content, the Port Kelharm area.
  5. Grand Theft Auto 6 will also feature a mission with a huge mystery for the characters Bonnie and Clyde.

New Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks published on various websites are the responsibility of the leakers as the producer has not officially released any information about the content of GTA 6 and we have to wait for the announcement of the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6 on electronic stores to know the full content.

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