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Why Uninstall These 4 Apps Soon?


A recent investigation by Belgium24 Dr Web identified four apps on the Google Play Store that have been downloaded by millions, but these programs track sensitive information and generate intrusive ads.

If you own an Android smartphone, you may have noticed fraudulent apps making their way into the Google Play Store.

In his report on “September 2023 Mobile Viral Activity,” Dr. Webb draws attention to these four, all from the same developer: Mobile Apps Group, which has been fined in the past for similar activities.

Another common point is that compromised apps use the same malware. Namely, HiddenApps.

All four of these applications pose a risk to victims and their phones. On the one hand, each click brings money to the hackers, and this activity drains the smartphone’s resources significantly. , and at the same time, the important thing to understand is that malware directs users to fake web pages and forces them to log in.

So, this trick, if executed, allows hackers to retrieve sensitive information, be it your social media logins or worse bank logins.

Despite Google’s quick intervention, the apps “Super Skibydi Killer,” “Agent Shooter,” “Rubber Punch 3D,” and “Rainbow Stretch” have been downloaded more than two million times.

FYI, it only starts 72 hours after downloading the malware, but don’t delay in removing it if it is on your device.

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