June 27, 2022

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New infections with "Omicron" mutation have been reported in China

New infections with “Omicron” mutation have been reported in China

Beijing – AFP
On Monday, China announced new epidemics with the highly contagious “Omigron”, as the country faces hotspots for multiple epidemics within a month of the start of the Olympics in Beijing.
The country, where the corona virus was first detected in late 2019, has adopted the “Zero Govt” policy, which has allowed the epidemic to be partially controlled.
The country is doubling its awareness as the Winter Olympics (February 4-20) approach.
The 13 million residents of the big city Xian (north) have been isolated for the third week in a row since dozens of infections were diagnosed by the end of December.
Several cases of deformity were reported last weekend in Tianjin, a large coastal city about 150 kilometers southeast of Beijing, alerting authorities, and 21 new Kovit-19 cases were reported in Tianjin on Monday.
The city has advised nearly 14 million residents to stay home, while extensive COVID-19 testing is underway, with all schools closed and trains to Beijing suspended.
Two Omigron cases related to the Tianjin center were reported on Monday in the city of Anyang, about 400 kilometers southwest of the central province of Henan.
The district announced it would screen its 5 million residents.
Life has returned to almost normal since the spring of 2020, and the country has officially recorded only two deaths in more than a year.

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