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New information about the new iPhone 13


Aden – Yasmin Abdullah Al-Tohami – Thursday, August 19, 2021


Before the official launch next month, leaks of the upcoming iPhone 13 specs continue and its memory storage capacity is being blocked.

Sites that specialize in the news of Apple devices, including the “nine to five Mac”, distributed a note to an investor who was familiar with the version of the new phone he mentioned.

He pointed out that 130 to 150 copies of the new iPhone 13 were manufactured and exported in Asia, according to which he predicted the iPhone 13. IPhone 13 It accounts for 35% or 45% of total hardware production IPhone In the third quarter of this year.

He also predicted that the approximate date of launch of the phone would be in the third week of next September.

The iPhone 13 is said to be more likely to release copies with a storage capacity of up to 1 terabyte, which is twice the storage capacity previously offered within Apple “Pro” phones.

Also the “Trend Force” website released a leak that Apple will launch the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with the feature of expanding support for mobile waves. mmWave 5G.

He adds that the phone will be introduced in various models with silicon chips A15, Highly efficient and aims to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

And he continued, one of the features of the iPhone 13 is a large battery after providing a large internal space.

Leaks indicate that the iPhone 13 is almost compatible with the iPhone 12 line, but the iPhone 13 is expected to be slightly thicker as it comes in the same ratio of height and width but will increase in size by 0.26mm.

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Another report states that all four (iPhone 13) phone models have the same design features as the previous models, which means we can expect four phones with three different screen sizes, namely:

The design of the iPhone 13 rear cameras is expected to see some interesting changes, and the Apple phone will have a camera bump but a glass layer that includes three lenses will look like a camera instead of three separate lenses. .

The iPhone 13 phones come with the company’s latest processor, which (A15 Bionic)

It is not yet clear what the capabilities of the new model of this processor will be, but leaks have confirmed that the processor will be made with the same 5 nanometer technology as the previous model, but the change will improve Apple’s performance. High performance and improved power consumption to improve battery life.

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