June 8, 2023

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News of a peace deal between the "Taliban" and the opposition in Punjab

News of a peace deal between the “Taliban” and the opposition in Punjab

Pakistan’s Geo TV channel has reached an agreement with the Taliban movement and the forces of the northern coalition opposing them to avoid military expansion in Afghanistan’s Banjshir province.

The channel cited informed sources that the two sides had promised not to attack each other, according to an agreement reached on Thursday.

He pointed out that the agreement came to an end after meetings between two delegations of the “Taliban” and the Northern Alliance in Karikar, the center of Parwan province.

According to the channel, the peace agreement between the two parties is expected to be officially announced during a press conference hosted by the leaders of the “Taliban” and the Northern Alliance.

Both sides have expressed their search for a peaceful solution in recent days, despite being on the ground ready to seek military option there.

Earlier, Ahmed Masood told Pakistan’s Geo TV channel that the probability of fighting in Punchshir was 50 per cent and called on regional countries to put pressure on the “Taliban”.

Ahmed Wali Masood, the brother of the late “Taliban” Ahmed Shah Masood, said on Wednesday that opposition to its conservative ideology in Afghanistan and the movement “isolated” from other people was growing exponentially. Far from modernity. “The beliefs of the Afghan people have changed over the last twenty years,” Masood told the AFP during a visit to Paris. “Afghan women want to live and work. Young people live in a world different from the Taliban. The Taliban are now the most isolated group in the country.

“Opposition is widespread throughout Afghanistan,” he added, adding that the protests were not limited to one military organization. (Agent)

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