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Next June 30 is the deadline for achieving semi-annual Emiratisation targets


The Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration has set a deadline of next June 30 to meet the semi-annual Emiratisation targets for 2023, which is a 1% growth rate in skilled jobs in private sector companies employing 50 or more workers. .

Next July, financial contributions will be imposed on companies that do not meet this percentage following the companies’ commitment to achieve the targeted half-yearly growth rate, as well as the remaining financial contributions for the year 2022 on non-compliant companies.

This implements the decision to amend certain provisions of the Cabinet’s decision regarding the mechanism for achieving the annual growth rates of the Emiratization target, which requires the Emiratization growth rate of 1% skilled jobs to be achieved by the end of June. It achieves the target growth rate of 2% by the end of June.

Ayesha Belharfia, Undersecretary for Emiratisation Affairs, Acting Undersecretary for Labor Affairs, stressed the need for companies targeted by the Emiratisation decision to achieve the required half-yearly growth rate to avoid the stipulated financial contributions. The sector, benefiting from the support provided by the “Nafis” program, represented by providing the private sector with qualified Emirati workers to fill skilled jobs in the sector, is an active partner in developing and improving the attractiveness of the labor market. The competitiveness of the business environment, in line with the national trend, makes the UAE an important economic hub, which is fast growing and highly stable. He pointed out that the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration supports reputable companies with quality achievements in training and employing citizens in accordance with the objectives of the “Nafes” program and offers them the opportunity to join the Emiratization Partners Club, which raises the bar. For the first category of establishment, within the establishment classification scheme followed by the Ministry, rebates of up to 80% are available on charges for services provided by the Ministry.

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He added: “We look forward with confidence to the new mechanism to implement the Emiratisation’s goals, which ensure continuous employment of citizens throughout the year, maintaining their retention rates in the private sector, providing and providing employment opportunities. Year-round vacancies on “Nafes” site, according to the pace of registered job seekers”.

It is worth noting that in the first six months of this year, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers, each citizen who is not assigned to the targeted facilities will be charged 42 thousand dirhams at the rate of 7000 dirhams per month. Note that each month of 2023, the value of the monthly financial contributions increases upwards.


A fine of one thousand dirhams for non-compliant companies for each non-designated citizen in the first half of 2023.

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