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Ninety stars meet for a concert in Abu Dhabi on November 4


By Adel Abdullah

Monday, October 16, 2023 at 02:00 AM

The stars meet 1990s FThere will be a song night in Abu Dhabi on November 4, featuring stars Ihab Tawfiq, Simon, Hamid Al Sheri and Hisham Abbas, who will each perform a song from their hits from the 1990s and 2000s. .

Artist Ihab Tawfiq has just finished recording a new song with Issam Karika, who has co-written 3 songs with Issam Karika. The lyrics of this song are penned by Mohamed Hilal and arranged by Bassem Mounir. Mounir also collaborates with King Muhammad, 27 years later, on the song “Omar Ayni” released on the album “From the First Touch” in 1996. It is written and composed by Mustafa Kamal. Issam Kharika.The song became a huge hit and Mounir still sings it in all his concerts today and titled the new song “”I am. It was written and composed by poet Bassem Adel..

Capo Hamid Al-Sheri recently performed a concert as part of El Alamein’s festival activities in its first session, and performed a number of old and modern songs, including “My Eyes,” “The Color of Your Dress.” “Where Are Your Days,” and “Here You Are” and he ended his concert with “Jingle.”

Hamid Al-Sheri featured singer Hala Rushdi in his first session during his concert at the El Alamein Festival, and together they sang “He Leaves With Me the Night”.

As for star Hisham Abbas, he performed a concert at the Citadel Music and Singing Festival and presented his old and modern songs which the audience interacted with. “Alia’s Crazy,” “My Look,” “My Eyes,” “Until You’re Well,” “Keep Calm,” “Rest,” “And Where Is It,” “He’s Grown in Pride and an Hour to Your Heart.” And listen to my heart.)

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