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No Return Mode in The Last of Us Part 2 Gets a New Trailer for Joel's Character


The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is coming to the PS5 platform this month, and despite mixed reactions to the upgrade in question, a good amount of people are waiting for the No Return mode, which is only available on the PS5 upgraded version. , a new announcement has arrived today.

The new trailer for No Return Mode shows us Joel's character in actual gameplay from the TLOU2 game, and we see Joel engage zombies for the first time in the second episode, which is supposed to be an awesome and exceptional thing. All those who missed the character during the events of the second part.

You will put in each round Non-refundable Players are in the middle of different battle encounters where the events of the story are actually in locations such as the Channel 13 news station and more, previous reports indicated that there will be 12 different locations, and you can choose the format of the next battle by returning to your hideout that meets you between each fight.

There is no turning back in The Last of Us Part 2

  • You can choose the places where you encounter enemies.
  • Rewards depend on the skill of the player.
  • The changes are very important and will test the player in a fun way.
  • The game will introduce an atmosphere on the maps of fog and traps to create fun updates.
  • Maneuvers and fights will change.
  • There will be 6 bosses in this mode with the ability to upgrade weapons and equipment to defeat them.
  • There are 10 new characters and costumes as you move up the levels, and each character has a unique play style.
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TLOU2 Remaster will officially launch on January 19, 2024 exclusively on the PS5 platform.

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