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Non-employee Golden Residency holders are exempt from the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Health Insurance Scheme.


The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi has confirmed that residents of Abu Dhabi who do not work for employers in Abu Dhabi and their families and individuals who have their own accommodation are exempt from the requirements of the health insurance scheme. In the Emirates, if they have a comprehensive medical insurance for themselves and their family members, it will be valid during their stay in the UAE, as per the text of the circular regarding the organization of health insurance for golden residence permits, Cabinet Resolution No. of 2021. Applicants for Golden Residence Permits are exempted under Section 8, “Employees employed by an employer in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and their family members who have obtained Golden Residence and their dependents and individuals sponsored by their domicile holders.

» One of the requirements of the health insurance scheme in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is that they and their dependent family members have a comprehensive medical cover for themselves and their family members during their stay in the UAE. If the applicant does not have health insurance at the time of submitting the application, he signs an undertaking to provide it during his stay in the country, otherwise he must pay the costs of medical treatment and medical services in the country if necessary.

For its part, insurance companies have offered exclusive benefits to those holding golden residency in Abu Dhabi, providing them with exceptional benefits, including access to a network of more than 3,000 medical service providers in the United States, at affordable rates for all, families and individuals. Arab Emirates, and provide international coverage and assistance in emergencies. Through a network that includes the largest number of healthcare providers in the world, and resolve medical claims quickly and electronically.

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Insurance companies explained that golden residence insurance is available to golden residence applicants and their families in the UAE who do not have current health insurance, for golden residence holders the policy term is one year (annual contract), and it is renewed on an annual basis with prices determined based on age, gender and medical history.

Insurance plans offered by insurance companies to Golden Residency holders are divided into three types of documents, the first with prices starting from 3000 dirhams, with coverage up to 300,000 dirhams in the UAE and surrounding areas. Treatment per year, and the second category of documents starts at 5000. Dirhams and its geographic coverage is spread across the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, with a maximum treatment amount of two million and 500. A thousand dirhams per year, while the cost of the third type of insurance policies for golden residency holders starts from 40 thousand dirhams and its geographical coverage covers all countries of the world, with a maximum treatment of 20 million dirhams per year.

Insurance companies issued medical insurance documents (VISIT) to six-month visit visa holders, Golden Residency applicants living abroad, and State Visit Visa holders to complete Golden Residency application paperwork and transactions.

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