August 15, 2022

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North Korea has blamed a neighboring country for the corona spread in North Korea

North Korea has blamed a neighboring country for the corona spread in North Korea

The official media said North KoreaThis is the first explosion you will see For Govit-19 disease He began contacting wounded people with “foreign objects” near the South Korean border.

And with an advertisement Pyongyang The results of its investigation advised residents to “handle with caution air and other atmospheric phenomena and bizarre objects carried by balloons and balloons along the boundary line and in the area adjacent to the border.”

Company not specified South Korea But for decades, expatriates and activists from North Korea have been carrying leaflets from South Korea across balloon-fortified borders. And humanitarian assistance.

According to Reuters, the South Korean Ministry of Co – operation, which is responsible for relations between the two countries, said it was “impossible” for the virus to enter North Korea through leaflets sent across the border.

“We learned that 18-year-old Kim, a soldier, and five-year-old Wei touched strange objects in the mountains around the camps and residential areas in Ifo-ri in early April,” the Korean Central News Agency said. They showed symptoms and the test confirmed that they were infected with the virus.

Ifo-ri is a district on the east coast of the country near the border with South Korea in the province of Kumkong.

The rest were injured, the company said With fever Until mid-April in the country it was due to other diseases, without giving details.

North Korea reported 4,570 flu cases on Friday, bringing the total number of cases to 4.74 million since the end of April.