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Notepad App Gets “Auto Save” Feature in Windows 11.. Details


Written by Sama Labib

Saturday, September 2, 2023 04:00 AM

You do the test Microsoft Some of the cool new features in Windows 11 and Notepad are called Screenshot Saving Tool or Snipping Tool. These features are currently only available in the Windows Insider beta, but may be rolled out to more users soon.

According to US website The Verge, it can now automatically save Notepad, tabs and dark mode if anyone tries to turn off their computer or close the Notepad program.

In a Windows Insider Program blog post announcing the new features, Dave Grochocki wrote:

With this update, Notepad will automatically start saving session state, allowing you to close Notepad and pick up where you left off without any dialog box interruptions. When you return, Notepad will automatically restore previously open tabs and unsaved content. Across these open tabs.

However, a saved session state doesn’t affect any of your files, and you can choose to save or discard unsaved changes to files at any time you close a tab.

The Snipping Tool on Windows also gets a better screen recording interface, with a new keyboard shortcut to go directly to screen recording instead of clicking from the Screenshot toolbar, and a new default audio source option so you can add a microphone input. It can also be useful in addition to computer audio.

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