June 2, 2023

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Nothing separates us.. Female artists meet their husbands in this year’s Ramadan play… Egypt

Arab News Press B – Al-Dustour Newspaper Watch, Nothing separates us.. Female artists met with their husbands in this year’s Ramadan drama, now see the details.

Al-Dustoor tracks down the most prominent female performers who appeared alongside their husbands in this year’s Ramadan drama.

Series “Darb Nar” written by Yasmin Abdelaziz, Ahmad Al-Awadi, Zuhair Al-Morshedi, Hoda Al-Adribi, Iman Al-Sayed, Badria Dolba, Tamar Nabil, Ahmad Abdullah Mahmoud, Taisir Abdelaziz, Nasser Abdel-Rahman and directed by Mustafa Fekri. .

A huge ensemble cast of art stars Nelly Karim, Jumana Murad, Jamal Sulaiman, Kamal Aburia, Ahmed Eid, Farida Saif Al-Nasr and Nata Moussa take part in the action-packed Championship written by Medat Al-Adl, directed by Muhammad Al. -Adl and produced by Jamal al-Adl.

The second part of the “Ramadan Kareem 2” series will see many developments after the death of many heroes of the first part. Ragab, Naqla Badr, Sahar Al Sayek, Mahmoud El Kendi, Mohamed Lotfi, Sabri Fawaz, Karim Afifi.

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This year’s Ramazan drama, featuring female artists who met with their husbands, sees us in Nothing Divides

These were the details that didn’t divide us.. This year’s Ramzan play female artists met with their husbands. We hope we succeeded in giving you full details and information.

Note that the original article is published and available Al-Dustoor newspaper The editorial team at Press B has checked it, and it may have been adapted, and it may have been completely replaced or quoted from it, and the development of this news or topic can be read and followed from its original source.

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