June 2, 2023

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Noudibo, Monastir and Royal Army qualified for the Arab Championship

Mauritanian clubs Noutibou, Tunisian Monastir Union and Moroccan Royal Army have qualified for the second round of the Arab Championship, known as the King Salman Club Cup 2023.

The number of clubs that qualified for the second round of the Arab Championship rose to 7, with the final seat between Saudi Youth and Iraqi Air Force to be determined.

Jordan’s youngsters did well to score in the meeting at the Amman International Stadium, with no reply to Salim Obeid’s goal from Mauritania’s Noutibo.

But the victory was not enough after the Mauritanian champions won 4-1.

At the Mustafa Jannat Stadium in the Tunisian city of Monastir, Al-Ittihad repeated their win against Fahmane Al-Yamani to qualify for the next round.

Tunisian Monastiri Union won the first leg 4-0, and Ziad Al-Alawi and Ahmed Al-Jufali won the second leg.

In the last games of the day, a 3-1 result in favor of the Libyan Union was not enough to qualify at the expense of the Royal Moroccan Army.

Royal Army won the first leg 4-1 which contributed to their qualification.

Libyan Al-Ittihad scored a hat-trick of goals: Abdul Ghafar Mahiri, while Mustafa Sohad scored Morocco’s goal, which secured qualification.

So, the matches of the second round of the Arab Championship:

Moroccan Royal Army x Emirati Division

(Saudi Youth and Iraqi Air Force) Syrian Tishreen x Conqueror

Sudanese Crescent x Tunisian Sfaxian

Libya’s Al-Ahli Tripoli × Al-Nahta Al-Omani

Tunisian Monastir Union × Bahrain Muharraq

Mauritanian Nautibo x Kuwait Kuwait

The second round matches will be held between May and June.

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