February 7, 2023

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الأخطبوط يعذب ويقتل نفسه بعد التزاوج.. هل فسر العلماء الظاهرة أخيرا؟

Octopus tortures and kills itself after mating … Did scientists finally explain this phenomenon?

The seas and oceans are full of secret worlds, many creatures that science has not reached, and if it reaches them, they may not be able to understand their behavior among these creatures.Octopus“Scientists still do not understand some of the behaviors, especially of women, although at the same time they are frightening and wonderful creatures, depending on the method of camouflage they use underwater, but they can be classified as creatures. Unusually.


Not many people know that octopuses often torture and die after mating, and this behavior was confusing to scientists, but a recent study found some explanation for this phenomenon, according to researchers, the mother octopus is torturing itself. Mating due to chemical changes that occur at the time of her laying.

Quotes from the study Another study prior to 1977 revealed that steroid hormones are produced during spawning and that the group of glands near the octopus’ eyes destroy themselves. To torture the octopus itself.

In a new study, the mother octopus found 3 separate chemical changes at the same time as spawning that begin with an increase in progesterone and progesterone, which are responsible for reproduction and are common in many organisms.

Researchers have reported that octopuses began to produce high levels of 7-dihydrocholesterolemia – the building block of cholesterol is also known to be toxic and may be one of the chemical changes that octopuses torture themselves after mating.

Scientists have also found that the octopus’ glands produce more of the components that make up bile acids, and all of these chemical changes combine to make the octopus work wonders.

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But the study’s lead researcher Yan Wang revealed in a conversation Direct science They do not yet have the perfect logic, as they have revealed that this may be the octopus’ way of protecting their young from aging octopuses.