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Officially.. “Chat GBT” App on Smart Phones | Various news


OpenEA has launched a version of its AI chat app ChatGBT for iPhone, promising to bring the service to Android phones in the future.

The company said the app will be free and will sync chat and search history across devices, and confirmed that the app is currently available in the US through the App Store, with other countries coming in the coming weeks.

The app will allow users to discuss with the chatbot and ask them for various tasks such as writing messages, explaining technical concepts, suggesting ideas and summarizing texts.

The app also includes the possibility of voice recognition, allowing users to ask oral questions, but in all cases the answer will be written, according to a company statement.

“Only GBT Plus subscribers can enjoy GPT4 capabilities, get early access to new features and get quick response to their requests,” the company added.

Microsoft, a lead investor in OpenEA, has integrated a language model based on ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, while Google is set to launch a beta version using buildable AI.

When it launched late last year, ​​”Chat GBT” sparked a race to control the artificial intelligence technology industry, prompting giants from Alphabet to Meta to promote their products in the field.

The Chat GBT platform was launched at the end of last November as the first chat platform powered by artificial intelligence and attracted more than one million users in its first week. Two months, and the amazing capabilities of this program are impressive. And anxious at the same time.

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