March 25, 2023

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“Omigron” hit the last nail in the coffin of “Corona”

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The World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement yesterday confirming the end of the global health crisis that has plagued the world since the virus’s outbreak in late 2019, amid rising indicators of coexistence with the “corona” in the world. Hans Cluz, the organisation’s European branch, announced that the “Omicron” strain, which could affect 60% of Europeans by next March, had begun a new phase of epidemic in the region (Govt 19) and could bring about a health crisis. Closer to an end.

“It is possible that the region is nearing the end of an epidemic,” Cluj said, but warned against the dynamic reality of the virus.

Gluke’s reports come at a time when the world has chosen a strategy to live with the virus, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted most of the restrictions imposed last week to combat the mutated “Omigran” of the “corona” virus. His country says it wants to end the isolation of victims in March. Also, from next Thursday, wearing a muzzle will not be mandatory by law, long-distance work will not be officially recommended, and a health certificate will not be required to enter some large meetings.

Removing restrictions

In Ireland, according to Bloomberg News, while concerns about the “Omigron” mutant have eased, it has previously been reported that it wants to remove most restrictions to combat the infection.

According to reports, government health advisers have recommended the removal of most restrictions, including the need for local media outlets, including the RTI, to have advance closing dates for cafes and restaurants, as well as the need to enter the Loises-Passer at many facilities such as gyms.

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Wearing masks, holding international passenger health passports and self-isolation of those who show signs may be the rules in force.

As for Switzerland, the government considers the 13th of this month to be the “beginning of the mutated” end of the “omigron” for the “Govit 19” epidemic, and seeks to extend practical measures to prevent it from spreading. The virus until the end of March.

“Perhaps we are at a critical juncture, with the transition from the epidemic phase to the local phase, the population’s immunity has now reached a high level,” Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset told a news conference.

Local disease

Earlier, the European Medicines Agency had hoped that the spread of the mutated “Omigran” would turn the “Govit 19” epidemic into a local disease that humanity could learn to live with.

“With the increased immunity of the population – and the provision of natural immunity in addition to the spread of Omigran vaccine – we will move quickly towards a more local environment,” said Marco Cavalieri, head of vaccination strategy at the European Pharmaceuticals Agency.