March 30, 2023

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On his 82nd birthday ... Learn about the fortunes of leader "Adele Imam": Million Dollars

On his 82nd birthday … Learn about the fortunes of leader “Adele Imam”: Million Dollars


The leader, Adel Imam, will celebrate his 82nd birthday tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17th.

Al-Jaim graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, where he has appeared in more than 103 films and acted in nearly 10 plays, and has addressed many social and political issues through his acting on stage and in films. United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to UNHCR in 2000.

By 2021, the leader has a net worth of $ 100 million and his core net worth comes from his films and shows according to “Fame Impact”.

The site revealed that Adel Imam has been appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador and High Commissioner for Refugees along with actress Angelina Jolie, and that the leader does not want to have bodyguards with him and has even received death threats. Depiction of extremist Islamists.

Al-Jaim began his career in the play “I, He and She” (1963), starring Fouad al-Mohandas and Schwicker, at which time Adel Imam was a university student. At the time, Fouad al-Mohandas demanded a new face to play the role. Engineer Adele Imam chose to star in the play after 90 actors submitted for the competition. The play was a huge success, and Adel Imam caught his attention. In her theatrical works, and in cinema, Adele has appeared in numerous films, her beginnings appearing in comedy roles in romantic films, including My Wife is a General Manager (1966), My Wife’s Dignity (1967) and The Imp of My Wife (1968). All starred Salah Zulfikar and Shadia with Adele Imam.

She also appeared in comedies structured with an element of excitement, such as Thieves But Good People (1968) and The Maidens Tower (1970) starring Salah Zulfikar and Naheed Sharif, with the participation of Ahmed Mazar and Mary Munib.

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