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On the anniversary of his death – a talent unknown to Faten Hamama other than acting (video) | News

Seven years ago, the Arab filmmaker left our world, Faten Hamama, who left us with a great art history and unforgettable works.

However, Faton Hamama is not only good at acting because he loved poetry and is very good at reading it in a wonderful way.

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In the video of the old meeting collected by the artist Mahmoud Yassin, Faten Hamama presented the verses of the poems of Ahmad Shawki with sophisticated performance and soft voice.

Faten Hamama died suddenly of ill health at his home on January 17, 2015 at the age of 84. His death received great media attention and thousands of mourners attended the funeral.

Faden Hammama began acting in his childhood, and his first work was in “Happy Day” in 1940, and at the age of 11 he co-starred with Mohammed Abdel Wahab in the film “Bullet in the Heart” and entered the High Cinema Institute in 1946. , Presented more than 100 works, and his film “Doaa Al Karawan” was nominated for an Oscar and screened at the Berlin Film Festival. For more information on that

Faten Hamama’s last work was the 2000 series “Waj El Qamar”, which starred Ahmed Ramzi, Jameel Ratif, Nellie Kareem, Kada Adel and Ahmed El-Fishawi, written by Magda Kairalla and directed by Adel al-Azhar.

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