March 25, 2023

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One study linked shortness of breath after recovering from corona to a critical organ injury

One study linked shortness of breath after recovering from corona to a critical organ injury

Research teacher from University Hospital Dr. Maria Louisa Lucian Brussels It said: “These findings will help explain why some patients continue to suffer from the disease With Govit-19 Shortness of breath one year after exposure to the infection, which may be associated with decreased performance. Heart“.

Maria unveiled the results of her study on Thursday at a virtual meeting of the European Union For heart diseaseUPI News Agency reported.

The study included 66 patients, with an average age of 50, with no history of heart disease or coronary heart disease Lung Between March and April 2020 before they were taken to the hospital with COVID-19.

One year after leaving the hospital, 35% of the patients were still in the statistical sample wheezing During any physical activity.

All patients underwent imaging of the lungs and heart, which has a new imaging technique called ‘myocardial action’, which provides more accurate information about heart function than previous methods, the researchers said.

The results show that the heart rate of those suffering from shortness of breath is lower compared to those not suffering from shortness of breath.

The study authors note that there is a link between abnormal heart function and persistent shortness of breath.

And the researchers, using ultrasound, noticed small abnormalities in the heart that could explain the persistence of shortness of breath.

Scientists have called for the need to seek a rapid evaluation from a cardiologist if shortness of breath occurs after a certain period of time. Recovering from corona virusThis is because of the chance of heart attack due to infection.

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