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Online Gaming and the Middle East


Despite prohibitive laws, the online gaming industry is doing well in the Middle East. Driven by the fact that it is hard to find a land based casino in the region, together with the social stigma of being seen in one, the online casino landscape looks good and thrives.

The games are diverse and are varied, just as much if not more so than the casino sites from other parts of the world. They are just as well regulated and offer good bonuses and jackpots. Games such as blackjack, slots, and poker can be played together with an Arabic roulette online. In essence, you have plenty of choice.

The Middle East Synonymous with Wagers

This somewhat harks back to the days of old when Assyria, today’s Iraq, was one of the most powerful empires in the region. Gladiator style combat was common, a little like boxing. This was both a spectator sport and a celebrated event with the people of the time wagering on which gladiator would win.

As well as this gladiator style combat bouts, other types of wagers were placed on different types of events according to the history books.

Although bricks and mortar casinos are hard to find it is not impossible. They do exist and providing you don’t flaunt the fact you’ve been in one, you’ll be just fine. Nonetheless, for the most part in the region, it is illegal to visit a casino. Luckily this is where online play comes into play.

Do Arabic Casinos Have the Same Games as Other Online Casinos?

Yes. The difference between an Arabic casino and a non-Arabic casino is really just the feel of the site. Leading casino brands operate in the region which means to stay competitive Arabic themed casinos have to offer be aesthetically pleasing and offer a gaming experience that can compete. This is why they have introduced live play which is snowballing in popularity among players for a variety of reasons.

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Also, Arabic casinos are well regulated and use the same software kite marks as non-Arabic ones. Nonetheless, do your diligence before parting with cash.

Do Arabic Casinos Offer Live Play?

They do and it is gaining in popularity all the time. A long term criticism of casinos is the reliance on random number generators (RNG) to simulate the path of a roulette wheel or turn of a card. In live play, a real croupier spins the roulette wheel or deals the cards in blackjack so the whole RNG concept is bypassed.

What Card Games are on Offer?

The most popular card games are featured in online casinos in the Middle East. This includes:

  • Blackjack – Simple and fun and always well received, most Arabic based casinos will have this game and several variances of it.
  • Poker– The classic card game featured in famous films and TV programmes is here in all of its iterations including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Poker Stud, and so forth. It is arguably the most famous card game of all time.
  • Baccarat – The game is a timeless classic and is found throughout casinos around the world. It is also found in most Arabic themed casinos so if you’re a fan you won’t be disappointed. Incidentally, this is the favourite game of James Bond in the Ian Fleming books.

Are Slots Featured

Yes. Most good online casinos in the Middle East carry a good choice of slot machines. As with other online casinos, you can find any theme you want to including leprechaun (Irish), dinosaur, and USA themes.

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All are well animated and have colourful graphics. You also have variable bet options.

Are the Bonuses Any Good

The bonuses are competitive in Middle Eastern based online casinos. Curiously, the better ones not only accept cryptocurrency but give you a bonus for using it, this can be as much as 20%, so if you’re creating an account you may want to use crypto rather than fiat currencies. Could gain more bang for your buck if the markets are favourable.

Sports Betting Middle East Casinos

Sports betting is available online in the Middle East. You have a range of options and you can literally bet on any sport in the world. As the region becomes more prominent in the world producing some of the world’s best players in popular sports, this form of online play increases in popularity all the time.

Strategy and Tactics

It is important before you play any game that you have some idea of how to play it and are familiar with the rules. You don’t want to be wondering why something happened after a certain play, but know why what happened, happened.

It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with tactics. As you develop as a player you’ll develop your own, but having an idea of how pros play will make you a more confident player.

If you like online gaming you’ll like Arabic based online casinos. Check them out.

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