June 3, 2023

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"افتح الشباك ومتع عينيك".. شاهد قمر الفراولة ثانى بدر عملاق يزين السماء الآن

“Open the window and enjoy the eyes” .. Strawberry moon, the second giant full moon, now decorate the sky

Astronomy enthusiasts and those interested in astronomical events are on a date in these moments, the full moon for a month Joule Kitah It adorns the skies of Egypt throughout the night and reflects the second giant full moon this year because its apparent size seems larger and brighter than usual, a week before the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere..

The Jeddah Astronomical Society confirmed in a statement that, in general, the Moon is full throughout the night, but scientifically we call the moment when the Moon is at an angle of 180 degrees from the Sun the full moon. It happens at (11:51 GMT) and it is half full. It orbits the Earth this month, 11 hours and 32 minutes before reaching the nearest Perigee..

The giant full moon rises from the southeastern horizon after sunset, and the path it takes to the sky mimics the lower path of the sun six months later. During the solstice it follows the same path of the December sun across the sky.

As he nears the horizon he notices that the apparent size of the moon is large and that it is red or orange, but that its small size returns after the sky is high, which is only an optical illusion. Occurs in the middle of each lunar month.

The pink or orange color that appears when the moon rolls is due to our planet’s atmosphere, whose components scatter the white light reflected from the moon, scattering the colors of the blue spectrum with the short wavelength, and the colors of the red spectrum of the long wavelength that reaches our eyes..

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When the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is within 362.146 kilometers, the definition of “giant” is given to the new moon or full moon, which is the scientific name for the “perigee moon”. Indicates that the Moon is closest to the Earth, and in the case of this full moon it will be 357,658 km away, which is relatively closer to us than the giant full moon since last May..

This giant full moon is 16% brighter and its apparent size is 6% higher than average, so he will not notice the difference in its apparent size compared to the regular full moon, except that it will not have an impact on our planet. For two phenomena of waves, this is normal.

The moon reaches its highest point in the sky just after midnight local time, sloping southward and setting on the southwest horizon at sunrise on Wednesday..

This time of the lunar month, unlike other landforms that appear flat as a result of the presence of a full moon in sunlight, is ideal for viewing radioactive craters on the lunar surface with telescopes or a small telescope. Radioactive craters are deposits of bright reflective material that extend hundreds of kilometers outward from the center of the crater, believed to be newly formed, and the “Dico” crater is considered to be the most radioactive crater..

In the coming nights, the moon will rise about an hour late each day, and after a few days it will only be visible in the dawn and early morning sky..

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