March 30, 2023

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Opera announces new browser for cryptocurrency traders

Opera has announced the release of a beta version of its Web3 browser, which will feature cryptocurrency handling.

According to Web3’s experts, the newer version of the browser’s crypto browser has many features that will make it a strong competitor in the world of future browsers as it is equipped with an internal crypto wallet for converting digital currencies. Other features to facilitate the exchange of this type of currency, as well as receiving applications that provide alerts and notifications to traders of these currencies.

Support for “blockchain” technologies for handling currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo, Nervos and access to cryptographic features without the need for additional technologies or components is a key feature of e-wallet in the browser. Computers.

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The new browser has special features to protect user data, such as electronic wallets, to facilitate text and document operations in encrypted form.

The new browser will work on computers running “Windows” and “Mac” systems, as well as phones and mobile devices running the Android system.

Source: 4pda

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