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Opera browser adds ChatGPT and AI compression features

belbalady.net Today Wednesday, Opera introduced a set of new features that integrate artificial intelligence into two of its web browsers: (Opera Browser) and (Opera GX).

The new feature set includes (artificial intelligence routers) AI prompts and access to chatbots (chatgpt) and smart chatsonic (chatsonic) through the sidebar, the Norwegian company said in a post on its blog.

He explained that these smart tools are set to transform the browsing experience, “You’ll not only experience the future of the web, but you’ll be browsing with superpowers.”

Opera pointed out that emerging AI services are reshaping the Internet, changing what we ask about the tools available to us and what they can do.

(Artificial Intelligence Triggers) The company explained how the new features work by saying that AI improves the browsing experience, so when a user selects text on a web page, an immediate command will allow him to copy or search or shorten it. Explain a long text.

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The user can ask for AI prompts to suggest content based on what they’ve read, or help craft a tweet on a specific topic.

In addition to this feature, users can now access chatbots (ChatGBT) and (ChatSonic) directly from the sidebar to take advantage of all the features these bots have to offer, such as: generating ideas, summaries and translations, and instructions can be coded, get help with math, and write a draft script. (Saad Sonic) As for the robot, it can create images.

Opera said the new artificial intelligence features will be available for its main browser on Windows, Mac and Linux systems, and for its game browser (Opera GX) on Windows and Mac systems.

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The features can be accessed by upgrading and downloading the latest version of Opera and Opera GX browsers from the official website.

After that, you go to Easy Setup and activate the Early Access option by activating the tool that brings new tools to the browser (Artificial Intelligence Routers). In UberGX, you must also enable the Early Bird option in your browser settings.

Opera browser adds ChatGPT and AI filtering features

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