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Opera browser brings free VPN feature to iPhone to compete with Apple and Google



Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 03:00 PM

Opera has announced the launch of an updated version of its browser for the iOS platform that brings a free VPN (Virtual Private Networks) feature to Apple iPhone smartphones.

After previously offering a VPN (Virtual Private Networks) feature for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and now (iOS), Norwegian has announced in a blog post that its browser also has an ad blocker built into it, becoming the first browser to offer the service. Major computer platforms According to the aitnews website, all important.

It is believed that the time is right to bring the free VPN (Virtual Private Networks) feature to the (iOS) system, especially after its launch. Google Inc Late last year, its VPN tool for Windows and Mac PC users, after previously supporting the feature for Android and iOS mobile devices.

But as far as Google is concerned, the VPN (Virtual Private Networks) feature is only available to users who pay a monthly fee to subscribe to Google One Premium service plans.

Apple also offers a tool to encrypt your Internet connection with the iCloud Private Relay feature, but it doesn’t offer what Virtual Private Networks offer. But like Google, this tool is part of the paid subscription (iCloud Plus) iCloud +.

However, the (Virtual Private Networks) VPN feature from (Opera) doesn’t require any subscription, it’s completely free, and users don’t need to log in or create an account to use the feature, the company says.

The company also confirms that it does not collect personal information or data related to users’ browsing habits or their original IP addresses.

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No other add-ons are required to use this feature as users can enable it from the in-app main menu to encrypt VPN traffic.

Opera can make many of its free tools available to end users because it generates revenue from other channels, such as search and advertising revenue, in addition to technology license fees. This, and the company expects to generate between 370 and 390 million US dollars in revenue by 2023.

It should be noted that some users may not feel comfortable using Opera’s VPN service as the Norwegian company has been owned by a consortium of Chinese companies since 2016.

Some security researchers have criticized Opera’s default privacy settings, particularly regarding ads and personalization, raising their own security concerns.

For (iOS) users, the Opera browser app aims to differentiate itself, and in addition to the new VPN (Virtual Private Networks) feature, the app has other unique tools such as: My Flow to share files between devices and a crypto currency wallet feature. Original wallet, built-in ad blocker and other security features.

With today’s update, the Opera app for iPhone gets a few more additions, including: a new Bookmarks feature for organizing favorite content and a Live Scores feature for tracking the latest results of sports teams via the scoreboard on the browser’s homepage.

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