March 29, 2023

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Osama Rahpani Reveals Scenes From The Opera “The Green Kingdom” At The Joy Awards | News

Lebanese musician Osama Rahpani presented a prestigious concert at the Joy Awards as part of the Riyadh season’s activities.

Osama Rahpani stunned audiences of artists and celebrities from all over the world with his first performance of the opera “The Green Kingdom”, a giant orchestral concert featuring more than 100 musicians and singers at the awards ceremony. The presence of a Hollywood star pays homage to the collection of the brightest stars in the Arab world in drama, cinema and the media.

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The “Green Kingdom” show is an audio-visual representation of the concept of nature and its four seasons, with poetry and orchestral music attended by dozens of Saudi children and young musicians. Natural spring with its blooms and joy.

Osama al-Rahbani revealed that it took him more than three months to compose the idea of ​​the “Green Kingdom”, compose, write poetry and distribute its pieces, during which he collaborated with the poet Henry Juke. He accepted the task of writing poetry, composing, composing and distributing until al-Rahbani left. The face of desertification expressed his pride and joy at presenting Oberoi to the world at the World Entertainment Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Green Kingdom Oberoi

Al-Rahbani was able to stun hundreds of participants from around the world during the opening ceremony of the new edition of the “Joy Awards” hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the activities of the Riyadh season. A group of bright stars of international art and entertainment applauded after the show, praising the dazzling art show.

Green Kingdom Oberoi

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