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Our new multiplayer game has a story and is just as “big” as any other naughty dog ​​game.


Our new multiplayer game has a story and is just as “big” as any other naughty dog ​​game.

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckman reveals new details about the highly anticipated indie multiplayer game The World of Us during today’s festive summer show.

The concept art of the multiplayer indie game is getting closer to us.

Originally considered as a multiplayer mode in The Last of Us Part 2, it is clear that the team’s ambition has grown beyond that over the past two years. “This game is great,” Truckman said. “It’s bigger than any game we’ve ever made, and in a way it’s even bigger.”

Aside from the technical concept above, Truckman insisted he had a story, but he also said that “the way this story is told is very unique to this game”. He will be a “new characters” and although his new location has not been confirmed, it looks like the collective photo could take place in San Francisco.

The final name and exact fit have not been provided, but Truckman said more details will come next year. We last heard about this project in late 2021, when it was confirmed that the naughty dog ​​was still coming.

The remake of The Lost of Us Part 1, PS5 and PC has been leaked and it was announced today that it will be released later this year.

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