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Over 10,000 games published on Steam in 2023


On the official end of 2023, Valve revealed the best-selling games on the Steam store in 2023 and the most played games of the past year: Official website It is a very popular store among PC players as it has games like Counter Strike 2, Baldur's Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy and Starfield in both lists, and many other games you can find on the official website.


Reveal now SteamDB website It is famous for having the most important statistics about the amazing number that the store will reach in 2023, which is related to the number of games released in the store since last year 14,531 thousand games were released. The store grew by 14.5% year-over-year in 2023, while October saw the highest release of 1,320 games on the store, followed by August with 1,285 games, and then March with 1,270 games. .

2023 is considered to be the highest number of games released on the Steam store since the store was first launched to date. That's 2000 more games than 2022, when 12,652 games were released during that time, and roughly 3,000 more games than 2021, when 11,389 games were released during that time. Over the past five years, new game releases on the store have grown by 10.5% year-on-year.

Didn't check the store Steam Not only did it reach a record number of games played, it also set a record number of active players through the store in 2023, as the number of active players in games through the store was the highest. There were more than 10 million concurrent players last December, and the number of players on the store is expected to reach 10 million in January 2023, but surpassed that number in December.

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