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Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 Maker Blizzard say no to NFTs


Lilith of Diablo 4 supports the idea of ​​becoming an NFT.

Picture: Blizzard

Some companies perpetuate profiteering scams behind NFTs, while others try to prevent any involvement from the outset. After an Activision Blizzard pollster asked about his interest in blockchain technology, Blizzard chairman Mike Ybarra immediately dismissed speculation about whether the studio would put NFTs in upcoming games.

Blizzard director recently ‘Nobody does NFT’ Whining week end. The report comes after news of a poll evaluating players’ interest in NFTs began circulating online. Diversified Video game Newsletter Places. The survey, conducted by Yukov, a market research firm, was conducted openly on behalf of Call of duty Publisher Activision Blizzard listens to players’ thoughts on other recent trends, including Game Boss and “Metawares gaming experiences”.

“Regardless of our involvement in these trends, the company continues to conduct extensive research on emerging topics to better understand the interests of our players,” said a Blizzard representative. கொட்டகு.

The buzzwords like metawares, NFT and playing to win all go hand in hand, while being accepted by big money investors while many players revolting against them. Sports companies are also divided. Publishers like Ubisoft And Square Enix With optimism about the future of blockchain gaming, others want to E.A. And Pick two He still seems to take the wait-and-see approach.

But despite Ybarra’s comments saying “no” to the blizzard camp, not everyone believed him. To him LoudspeakerThe responses received are full of skeptical Blizzard fans, due to the company’s past. The world of cans Help lay the foundation for cosmetics in live service games, and Diablo III Launched popularly with a fully functional auction house. Experience It was a disaster and short-livedBut many companies looking for NFT want to recreate the same.

The blizzard confirmed that the dreaded auction house would not return Diablo IVBut the company stuck with other bad trends. Control This is one of the few games in particular Who still has loot boxesIt has to be a part of it 2. Screen Further. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine how NFTs could play a role in this matter.

Meanwhile, final approval from investors and regulators is pending, and Activision Blizzard will soon become part of Microsoft, and Xbox maker BloxCine is moving away from the craze, with Microsoft Spy CEO Bill Spencer calling the latest examples “exploiting.” . The door was not fully closed. Description Axios In an interview last year People are still finding NFTs.

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