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Overwatch 2 Player Finds Nostalgia After Deleting Game



  • Overwatch 2 faced backlash for its changes and struggled to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as its predecessor.
  • A fan accidentally deleted Overwatch 2 and was greeted with a nostalgic opening video from the first Overwatch when opening the game.
  • The original Overwatch is remembered by many fans as special compared to its sequel.

A fan Monitoring 2 After opening the game for the first time after accidentally deleting it, they felt a bit nostalgic after first being greeted by the opening video. Overwatch. Short clip from the original Overwatch It was instantly recognizable to many fans of the series and helped set the tone for what Blizzard was trying to accomplish with the then-new hero shooter.

Released in late 2022 and replaced the original game in the process, Monitoring 2 It was a controversial topic from the beginning. Some fans of the series’ colorful characters and fast-paced combat were delighted to see them Overwatch Getting a sequel, the move to five-on-five matches and a free-to-play model immediately led to backlash from many gamers. Although Blizzard has constantly updated the game since its release to fix bugs, add new characters and features, and solve inventory issues, Monitoring 2 Try to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as its predecessors. As revealed by Activision Blizzard’s Q2 2023 earnings release, this is reflected in the game’s revenue. Monitoring 2Along with the investment of players, the number of players also decreased.

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when Monitoring 2 Still a point of frustration for some fans of the franchise, a recent Reddit post shows that players have a lot more to love for the first time. Overwatch. In a new post on r/Overwatch, Redditor yosukemybeloved explained how he was accidentally deleted. Monitoring 2 From their PlayStation 4, they’ll be greeted with a nostalgic surprise the next time they open the game. Because they still had the original disc Overwatch They plug into the PS4 and say, “Are you with us?” A cinematic teaser played before the first game.

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One of many Overwatch The animated shorts released before the game’s launch in 2016 featured Winston leading the lowering of the flag as a familiar sight. Overwatch Players. I got nostalgic watching the clip again, and one redditor joked, “Sorry for all the times I’ve avoided you, Winston.” Other answers shared their preference for the original game compared to its free-to-play sequel, with one popular answer indicating the former. Overwatch That “felt… valuable in some way?” Mystic, perhaps.” The general consensus among many of the respondents to yosukemybeloved’s post seems to be the original version Overwatch It was really something special.

For players frustrated with so many changes… Monitoring 2To bring his arrival to Blizzard’s shooter series, this clip should be a nice reminder of days gone by. And players can no longer return to the original game, at least Monitoring 2 Anime has an early storytelling tradition Overwatch Shorts.

Monitoring 2 Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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