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Palestinian health: Gaza death toll rises to 560 and 2,900 injured


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Monday, October 9, 2023 03:21 PM

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said on Monday that the number of Palestinian martyrs in the Israeli occupation has risen to 560 martyrs, 2,900 wounded, and 80,000 Palestinians displaced, who are now in 71 shelters. in various governorates of Gaza..

The Israeli occupation has escalated its aggression and massacres against the civilian population, targeting and destroying more than 15 families by bombing civilian homes over their heads without warning or warning since the so-called state of war. houses, dozens of martyrs and wounded..

As of midnight yesterday, the Israeli occupation caused total destruction in 72 towers, buildings and residential buildings, a total of 619 units were completely demolished, while 5,350 residential units were partially damaged, including 171 units uninhabitable. , mosques and bank branches were also bombed..

As part of efforts to strengthen the frontline, the Palestinian Civil Defense Forces carried out 193 missions and the Army Medical Services 341 missions. 2,734 calls and distress calls were received to the national number linked to central operations. As per the rules, the state media documented the violent attacks in the last few hours. 8,436 people were dealt with by the Power Board. 241 works were carried out, including signalling, 50 de-risking works in the communication center. and connection lines cut as a result of blasting..

The Israeli occupation worsens the harsh humanitarian reality by cutting off electricity and water supplies from “Israeli” routes, and by threatening to bomb the power plant and blocking Egyptian fuel supply efforts..

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The Office of Government Information in Gaza has called for urgent and swift humanitarian intervention by the international community to stop the criminal nature of the occupation and provide the necessary means and resources to deal with it..

Although US President Joe Biden has decided to provide additional support to Israel following attacks by Palestinian factions, the White House announced on Sunday, according to Al Arabiya Network..

Following the Hamas attacks, the US president told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that more US military aid was coming to Israel, insisting that “more will come in the coming days”, as the White House announced on Sunday..

Biden and Netanyahu “also discussed existing efforts to ensure that Israel’s adversaries do not believe they can or should exploit the current situation,” the US president said in a statement.“.

For his part, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Sunday that the US would deploy an aircraft carrier strike group near Israel, which would include the Ford aircraft carrier and ships supporting it.

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