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Omar Hilal: There is a similarity between “Foy, Foy, Foy” and the Korean film “Parasite” – Art


Omar Hilal, the director of “Foy, Fuy, Fuy,” nominated to represent Egypt at the 96th Academy Awards for Best International Film, and the Korean film “Parasite,” which won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best International Film in 2020, but he says he compares the two works. I don’t want to announce this so that no one will feel it.

Omar Hilal explained in reports to “Al-Wadan”: “I don’t want to say that so that no one thinks I’m comparing the two films. I watched the Korean film after I finished writing my film. After that I had a kind of relationship with (Foy, Foy, Foy).” Realized because they’re fake.” Their truth is to achieve what they wanted, but of course there was no quote from the film, and when I saw the film in the theater, I said that this is like my film, and I hope to see the Oscar Korean film.

Umar Hilal: “Foy, Foy, Foy” is a story with black humour

Umar Hilal continued talking about his film, “All my life I had a cinematic dream, I wanted to make a cinematic film and I started writing the film in 2005, but it did not materialize. I read a story about blind people joining a blind football team. Escaping Abroad promoted the idea of ​​the film on social media platforms and started working on it. (Foy, Foy, Foy) is my second attempt at writing and I felt that this story should be told with black humor and despite its dramatic events, it is funny at the same time.”

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