March 29, 2023

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"Panic" in Libya before December 24. Gunmen, tanks and danger features

“Panic” in Libya before December 24. Gunmen, tanks and danger features

Sources for Ain Zara told “Sky News Arabia” that militant cars and heavy and medium weapons were circulating in the streets of the area, and that a tank could be seen closing the crosswalk, while civilians suddenly gathered in front of gas stations.

The University of Tripoli announced in a statement on Tuesday that it was canceling lectures, calling for the expeditious exit of students due to “security conditions”.

Al-Sahm Public Transport Stock Company also stopped buses on the Ain Zara, Al-Qasr and Al-Hadba routes for the same reason.

These developments prompted many schools in Ain Zara to suspend classes until further notice, fearing for the safety of students.

Libyan pages were also spread on the social networking site.FacebookPictures of those armored cars, mounds of dirt placed to block some roads.

A few days ago, militants known as the “Al-Samood Brigade” operating in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, threatened the election and said, “The election will not take place and all institutions will be shut down.”

Those employees were also displaced Militia Armed groups formed an alliance with them early Thursday morning to blockade the prime minister’s headquarters on the railway line in the capital, Tripoli.

Libyan journalist Al-Hussein al-Maysori said the motive for the militants’ latest operation was not yet clear, adding that there had been reports of clashes between conflicting armed groups after one of them arrested the commander of another group.

Al-Missouri, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, said that another explanation for what was happening was related to the expected rally in Benghazi for several candidates running in the presidential election on Tuesday. Only two days before the election to discuss what will happen in the current political situation, especially since there is no “official date”.

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Libyan media reported that about 16 candidates, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Habdar and Mizurat’s powerful Fati Fashaka and former Presidential Council member Ahmed Maidik, will be in Benghazi today. Al-Naeed and Abdel-Majid Saif Al-Nasr.