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بالبلدي: 3 بطلات وتشابه مع "بدون ضمان" ... ملاحظات على الحلقة الأولى من حكاية "ويبقى الأثر" بالبلدي

Paul Baladi: 3 heroines and similarities with “Guaranteed” … Notes from the first chapter of the story “The Other Remains” in Al-Baladi On Saturday, November 13, the dmc channel aired the first episodes of “The Trace Means” story.

Najla Badr has starred in this story with many stars and this is the sixth story in the “Ela Anna” series.

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Here are some tips on that:

The story of “The Trace remains” is different from the stories of the series “Except Me” because its events revolve around 3 stories. There is the story of Nakla Badrin and Enas Kamal who face life alone after the death of their husband. Ilham Abdel Badi, a loving wife who suffers from her mother – in – law’s interruption in her life, and a wife who accepts responsibility when her husband does not care about anything.

We’re still in the first episode, but you can feel the similarities between the story of “The Trace Engine” and the “Warranty” of the same series.

There were two stories in the story about the wife “Maryam” who suffers from the mother-in-law’s intervention in everything in the story without guarantee, and the simple “Ola” who is in charge of her house when her husband is unemployed.

The resemblance here with the character of Inas Kamal is that the mother-in-law interferes in her personal affairs with the wife who irritates her, and the story of Ilham Abdel Badi, the wife who is responsible for the cost of the house and everything while the husband is there. Sleep and rest, as well as social status, poverty and wealth.

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The story “The Trace Will Will” highlights the crisis caused by parental intervention and attempts to control the lives of children. He scolded her for being late in preparing food and for imposing her opinion on everything.

We see the dead son’s wife, the miser who seeks to change her life and the lives of her children, and the horrible Hama who accuses her of wasting money regardless of the circumstances she experiences.

One of the problems facing father and mother is school expenses, and the series reviews this crisis, through the family of “Yasmin” Nakla Badrin, who suffers after her husband’s death, and school and large unpaid premiums. Like buying expensive school clothes.

In the beginning, before the 3 stories of the 3 heroines, they have no connection, but in the first episode it becomes clear that there is a relationship between “Yasmin” Nakla Badru and “Camelia” Enas Kamal. Yasmin met “Camellia” while buying school clothes for her children, and their acquaintance began.

“The Trace Will Remain” is a screenplay and dialogue by Amani Al-Tunisi, directed by Ahmed Yousri and starring Nakla Badr, Mustafa Darwish, Anas Kamal, Kareem Kojak, Ilham Abdel Badi, Mohammad Al-Taji and Lodfi Labib.

It will be shown on Saturday from Wednesday to Wednesday at 8pm on the DMK and at 11pm on the DMK play.

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