March 29, 2023

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Petrol stations in the UK were closed due to a shortage of truck drivers

Petrol stations in the UK will be closed due to a shortage of lorry drivers.

According to the website of the Independent Arabia newspaper, the relevant ministers in the British government held intensive meetings last evening to discuss the crisis.

BP announced that 20 petrol stations, out of a total of 1,200, were closed to drivers, with at least 50 to 100 stations affected by at least one type of fuel shortage.

“Eso” confirmed that some of its gas stations were also affected, and retail chain “Tesco” said two of its 500 stations were affected by the crisis.

The British Minister of Transport and Communications, Grand Shops, promised a quick solution to the crisis, urging drivers to act as usual with regard to refueling their cars.

Some officials in the UK estimate that the shortage of truck drivers has reached about 100,000.

There is a shortage of truck drivers due to delays in conducting corona virus tests and the forced isolation of many of them after contact with people infected with the corona virus. 19).


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