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Pfizer / Biotech Alliance announces launch of clinical trial of vaccine against Omigron mutants | New Corona virus message


The Virus / Bionitech Alliance has announced that it has begun recruiting volunteers under the age of 55 for clinical trials to test the safety and immunity of the mutated corona virus vaccine against Omicron.

And Pfizer CEO Albert Borla announced in early January that the U.S. lab would be ready to seek the necessary approvals for a new vaccine aimed at this mutation, which will be launched in early March.

Catherine Johnson, who is in charge of vaccines at Firz, says current data indicate that booster doses of the original vaccine protect against the dangerous symptoms of omigran, and the company wants to act with greater caution.

“We understand the importance of helping to reduce security over time and to combat Omicron and other mutants in the future,” he added.

For his part, Ukhur Zahin, CEO of the German company Beyonc, explained that the effectiveness of the base vaccine against mild or moderate forms of Kovit-19 is rapidly declining with the strength of Omigron.

He said, “The research we are conducting is part of our scientific approach, which aims to develop vaccines that target mutants and have been able to develop the same level of protection against Omigran as previous mutations, but with longer protection. Period.”

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The clinical trial included 1,420 volunteers aged 18 to 55 years.

A Pfizer spokeswoman said the study did not involve people over the age of 55 because the goal of the study was to measure participants’ immunity and not to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The test is being conducted across the United States and South Africa, with the first injection being given to a participant in North Carolina.

Controversy continues over the effectiveness and effects of the novel Corona virus vaccine (Getty Images)

Experiment participants were divided into three groups:

The first group includes those who received two doses of Pfizer / Biotech vaccine 90 to 180 days before the test, and they receive one or two doses of the new vaccine.

The second includes individuals who received the third dose or booster dose before the same period, and they will receive the new dose of the base vaccine or the dose of the vaccine developed against Omigran.

According to the third group, this includes individuals who have not received any vaccine against Covit-19 and will receive three doses of the vaccine designed against the clumsy omigran.

The vaccine, developed by Pfizer and Piontech, first received the green light in December 2020 in the West.

Since the appearance of the Omigran mutant in South Africa last November, the World Health Organization has warned that it could spread around the world faster than other mutations. Based on the available information, the organization expected the prevalence of mutated omigran to be higher than in the delta, especially in communities known to be highly contagious with Covit-19.

The organization emphasized the importance of avoiding crowded places, staying away from others, taking vaccines and taking precautionary measures, including wearing a muzzle, as measures to help prevent the spread of Covit-19.

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